In transition



We left Ballintoy this morning. Before we made our way to our next stop on the trip, Belfast, however, we had two more places to go. First, we made our way to the rope bridge in neighboring Ballycastle. Unfortunately, since I have a cold, and got a poor night’s sleep the night before, I didn’t feel up to going across the bridge. Then, we traveled over to the Dark Hedges, a tree-lined pathway pointing towards an old mansion. These trees were used as a filming location for Game of Thrones.

It seems like Northern Ireland was a really popular filming location for Game of Thrones, as we’ve seen a lot of references to it over the past few days. It almost started to feel like we had accidentally stumbled into a tour of Game of Thrones filming locations. Even though I haven’t seen the show, I respect that the creators used the resources provided them by HBO to actually shoot the show in a location similar to the ones depicted in the sho, instead of just using Hollywood magic to turn some area near LA into a medieval-like setting. I was interested to research where else the show has filmed, besides Northern Ireland.

It turns out that Game of Thrones is actually headquartered right here in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the new city where we arrived today. Their indoor filming is nearly all done at their studio in Belfast. This explains why most of their on-location filming is also done in Northern Ireland. Most of their indoor sets are located in Belfast. Other scenes were filmed in Malta, Spain, Croatia, Morocco. The site I visited said that only two scenes were filmed in North America, both involving animal actors, because of restrictions on animals’ international travel.

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