Irish Kung Fu Panda References: Story Time

By Trevor Klaus

Good old bus tours, the epitome of group bonding. This is exactly what I experienced when on a bus tour through Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively. The study abroad crew was restricted to limited phone usage throughout the duration of the tour, and we really meshed throughout the three days we were on the bus. However, the students were not the only ones who bonded on the trip through the countryside.


On this bus trip the group was introduced to local Irish tour guide Darren, a friendly chap who was also very knowledgeable about the places and things we would be passing by. The dude was genuinely nice. However, he also employed a particular catch phrase from early on that sounded eerily similar to something I had heard previously. His saying was “Skadooshk”, which reminded me of Po from the Kung Fu Panda trilogy saying “Skadoosh” during and after completed tasks.

The group with Darren, the tour guide (far right).

Naturally, I was curious if the guide was a fan of the films, seeing his saying as a possible reference to the movies. However, Darren did not seem to know too much about the films. This was a major disappointment for me personally, as I consider myself to be a Kung Fu Panda enthusiast. It also detracted me from some of the scenery, as I was primarily focused on how he could not understand the reference he was making.Perhaps there is an Irish version of the Kung Fu Panda films that utilizes a different catch phrase, and was thus the reason for the confusion. Anyways, skadoosh.

Myself pondering if Darren understands the consequences of the Wuxi finger hold.




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