King’s Road

by Malaika Allen

Game of Thrones is medieval-based show on HBO inspired by the book series `A Song of Ice and Fire’. Many have found the show very entertaining and I myself have done so as well. I am only on season one out of seven but I see the enjoyment.

Throughout this trip we have visited a couple of locations where filming of the show has occurred. Yesterday, we saw Dunluce Castle (in Northern Ireland). This castle inspired the House of Greyjoy in the show. These ruins were nowhere near ideal for filming, but they were able to map out the entire thing so they could create a computer generated castle.

Today we went to the Dark Hedges, also called King’s Road. This road was used for a scene in episode one of season two (I  won’t spoil what happened, but you should go watch to find out). Originally, these trees were planted to give visitors a spectacle as they approached Gracehill House (a mansion at the end of the road). These trees were planted in about 1750 which is about the same time the mansion was built. Over the years, the trees have been dying, but that just opens it up to see the massive farmlands surrounding the area.

It was really interesting to see some of the places where episodes were filmed. A lot of these locations have historical relevance. I’m sure some of these locations have had an increase in tourism over the years. Some of them even have plaques showing exactly what episodes were filmed there.

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