Living Life on the Edge


giants causeway.jpg

Today, was one of my favorite memories thus far on this trip! Today was day two of our Shamrocker tour and we made our way to Giant’s Causeway.

I loved this destination because it was all scenery! There was a bit of a hike but nothing too strenuous. I enjoyed the fact that we got the opportunity to take our time at this site because there was a lot to see.

giants cause rock.jpg

My favorite part was taking pictures. Ciara, Malaika and I really ventured out to capture some great photos! We climbed across rocks to get a great view and nice photos. I was nervous to walk across the rocks because I didn’t want to break or sprang my ankle, but I was willing to take that risk.

This was a great opportunity for daredevils because I watched a guy climb the side of a cliff that was taller than 12 feet without a harness. I was shocked, nervous and impressed when he made it to the top. I’m just glad that he made it up safely. Ciara and Rohan also took it to the extreme by sitting on edge of a cliff and take photos of their feet hanging off. They got great photos and videos but I was too nervous to even take that type of risk.

Due to time, we weren’t really able to go out onto the rocks in the water and take photos, that would have been amazing. I really wish the opportunity to take a swim out in the ocean or a boat ride was an option at this site to get another view of the Causeway.

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