Out of the City

The city life has big appeal. It’s where business, culture, and people all come together to form a place where anything can happen. Wide eyed people chasing their dream flood in by the thousands hoping to get their shot at the big life. But to others the city can be crowded, noisy, and frankly just a big headache. I fall into the latter category and I was so relieved when we left the concrete jungle of Dublin and rode into the grassy hills of central Ireland.


The views from our Shamrocker Bus were breathtaking. The rolling slopes that seemed to be hundreds of different shades of green lasted mile after mile. Sheep and cattle dotted the landscape enjoying the fresh air and soft turf underneath. I had heard that Ireland was green but that seems like such an understatement of what I saw.



We ended at an old burial tomb from the stone ages that was built on top of a large hill. The Irish have a long history of using myths and legends to explain natural occurrences and this tomb was actually believed to be a portal from this world to the next. It also had inscriptions on the back wall marking the winter and summer solstice so the people who built it could know what time of the year it was for their crop production.


The Irish people can often be perceived as rough, rowdy, and dim-witted. But from what I saw just in the couple hours on the bus, the Irish are gentle, peaceful, smart, and very caring people. A people who have influenced so much of the world from Australia to America, where 40 Million people can trace their heritage to this small island. I can’t wait to explore more of what this country has to offer.

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