The Twilight Zone

by Malaika Allen

Yesterday was an interesting change from the normal routine, which had its pros and cons. We continued our bus tour through Northern Ireland and made a couple interesting stops.

We got out of our hotel first thing in the morning and made our way to Giant’s Causeway, which as you can guess is huge. Basically, we climbed up this enormous mountain and the views were breathe taking. We walked about a mile across the top and made our way to the bottom. These rocks were definitely something you would see in a National Geographic magazine. It was said that the columns were created by giants, but in fact they were a result of a volcanic eruption (but giants sound way cooler).

Giants Causeway!

After enjoying the views and getting our workout in the for the day we headed to Dunluce Castle. This was probably the most exciting part, because …. this is the castle from Game of Thrones! (I’m only on season 1 of the show, but this was exciting). There also may have been some taping going on at a hill nearby by (shhhh). This castles location is particularly interesting, because it is located on a cliff. Many years ago a section of this castle fell off the cliff during a storm. Everyone died except for a young child who was over in the corner, so I probably would not even think about visiting this location at night.

We stayed in a Sheep Hostile for the night (that was the complete switch up from normal). I had absolutely no signal for about a day and a half, which I cannot be mad at since I needed to unplug a bit. There were sheep all around, open farm lands, and only a few small businesses. It was good to see and be able to break away from constantly being on social media (if only it were a little warmer outside and I wasn’t getting sick *inserts sad face*). This was a better version of the camping I like to do, because there was no phone signal, but we still had running water and electricity. Being able to see the sheep relaxing and the country for miles was refreshing and a great break from the constant running of city life.

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