The day started early for us! In 62 degree weather, we walked with a tour guide and learned about Londonderry’s history. We walked along the Derry City Walls also known as “Stroke City”. Our tour guide gave us much insight about the walls and all that went on there. The walls were completed in 1618 and are a part of Derry’s city troubles. The walls were put up in order to protect Irish raiders from Donega. As we continued to walk and learn, we came across plenty of murals painted of the walls of Derry. IMG_6167.JPGIMG_6166.JPGIMG_6177.JPG

Many of the murals painted on the buildings told tragic stories of Londonderry’s Bloody Sunday that took place on 30th January 1972. In this tragedy, a total of 14 innocent, unarmed people were killed. The youngest being just 17-years-old. After visiting the memorial for the victims, we saw the Peace Bridge that was constructed to connect sides and ethnicity that were divided. I thought that was the most thoughtful construction to ever take place. Once the tour was over, we boarded our bus and headed to Giant’s Causeway.


I was in total awe for the views on the top of the cliffs. With grasslands all around me and “magical” land that was formed naturally by a volcanic eruption, I could not help but to stop and just gazed out on the beautiful waters ahead of me. The hike was interesting and adventurous. I climbed through rocks, slipped a couple times and even sat on the edge of a cliff. The pictures were worth it all. IMG_6188.JPG

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