We Hiked to a Burial Site!



On Sunday, I had a lot of fun! We kicked off the first day of our Shamrocker tour. Most of the day we were on the bus, it was definitely a nice break from walking. I was able to rest my body and catch up on a bit of sleep.

Troy of course had to keep us active, so along the way to Belfast on the bus tour, we stopped off at different sites to explore. We got the chance to see a castle and an old burial site called Loughcrew that is supposedly older than the pyramids in Egypt. This site was my favorite because it gave us a beautiful experience outside of city life. With being out in the country comes an adventure. To get to the burial site at the top, we had to take a bit of a hike. I love adventurous activities, but I will say, I definitely learned how out of shape I was. I was out of breathe and my legs were burning, but it was all worth it!
loughcrew spartan
The view at the top was amazing! I never knew the country side could have so much character. From the hills to the fields all the way to the animals just created a peaceful atmosphere.

I really enjoyed going inside the old burial site. If you looked closely to the walls there were markings and symbols on them still. Its cool that they maintained the site. I never would have guessed that they would have someone up top handing out flashlights and pamphlets and actually regulating the site, just because it is out in the middle of nowhere. I definitely enjoyed the assistance though.

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