What is the deal with the TK Maxx?

After being around a couple of towns and exploring their cities I have visited multiple TK Maxx. It is the exact same thing as the TJ Maxx but the J is replaced with a K. And after some investigative research I have found the answer.

In the 1970’s the first TJ Maxx was opened in Framingham, Massachusetts. In less than 20 years the company expanded overseas to the European market. There was one slight issue however. There was a very well established retail chain at the time in Europe called T. J. Hughes. They did many of the exact same things as TJ Maxx and had a niche in the market. They did eventually fall into administration in 2011, which is very similar to bankruptcy in the United States. When they were still doing good financially TJ Maxx came over. Do avoid any confusion TJ Maxx decided to drop the J.

Interestingly enough TJ Maxx is not the only company of the TJX Corporation to have it’s name changed. The store in the USA known as Home Goods is known as Home Sense outside of North America. There is no exact reason to what the change in name is all about. There are differences among the two sister companies. Both offering affordable home furnishing and supplies for the home. Home Sense has been said to having a larger showroom like feel. I have not visited one yet on this trip but I would assume it is a mix between an Art Van and a Home Goods.

I guess I know where I am going next!

Featured Image Source: Retail Gazette

Some of the art from the local pub. Might need to get my hand on this print in the future.
I am finally putting my Patagonia jacket to work.
That is what I call advertising!

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