Zesty Scenes From Ballintoy

By Trevor Klaus

Another bus tour blog! Who knew? Anyways, this one relates more to the activities done over the last few days on the bus tour. And as you can probably guess by the title, a fair few of them had to do with the little Northern Irish town of Ballintoy..

My oh my were these some cliffs. I was as taken back at some of the scenery as Brent Musberger was at AJ McCarron’s girlfriend. I was simply at a loss for words at the beauty that was bestowed upon me. The formations some of the land took were simply unlike anything I had ever personally seen before. Everything in the town was stunning, but perhaps the most swept up I was from the scenery was watching the sunset in Ballintoy.

The small town packs quite the punch when it comes to producing powerful sunsets. It is safe to say everyone who was in attendance at this sunset was equally as taken back by it. And while there are pictures up relating to the sunset on this blog, the pictures simply do not do this sunset justice.

After having my breath taken away by nature, it was time to celebrate seeing one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen in the most Irish way possible: Getting drunk off my ass at the local pub on some Guinness. Fortunately, this was complemented by some live music from a friend of Darren’s who had driven a few hours just to perform for us. To make matters even more fun, some of the study abroad crew managed to get on the microphone and sing some karaoke. Overall, a good time.

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