Crossing Bridges, Facing Fears


Over the last couple of days, I have done a lot of hiking. Our Tour Guide, Daz, ended our two day Ireland adventures with a trip to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. Before exiting the bus, Daz spoke about the bridge that connected two mountains together that led you to the other side. He warned us that it was a bit high and could be scary but, that today should be the day that we face our fears of height and do something new. With encouragement from classmates and reminding myself to live in all my moments, I paid the 8 pounds and began my hike. After yesterday’s trip, I did not think that scenery of Ireland could get any better, but Carrick-a-Rede gave the other sites a run for their money. The water was sooo pretty and blue. The colors of the water even started to change into lighter blues as it washed up on shore. You could see birds flying, a small boat sailing and as you walked the hike you could smell the fresh air. The walk and view was so relaxing. The bridge looked over Ireland’s largest ocean. The walk to the bridge was 1.6 km up and once I arrived, I knew what I paid was worth it.


The walk over the bridge was one that you “had to be there” to do. It was so pretty and thank God for Jacob at the end of the rope to capture the good pictures. This was probably one of my most favorite experiences so far. After that amazing adventure we headed to The Dark Hedges, where we saw trees that were planted over 300 years ago in hope of giving guest a great scenery up to the GraceHill Mansion. The GraceHill Mansion was in 1775 by James Stuart for his wife Grace Lynd.


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