A view to remember

My trip so far has consisted of large cities, with marvelous architecture and busy people. It has been great to feel involved in the energy the city has on a daily basis, but at heart I need to experience nature to be happiest. I was lucky enough to experience one of the prettiest views I’ve ever seen with some of the friends I’ve made on this trip.



The harbor of the small city of Ballintoy has a view worthy of even a show like Game of Thrones, which used its dock in one of their episodes. But although thousands have seen it through their TV screen, I had the privilege of viewing it for myself. We arrived at the golden hour as the sun was just beginning to set. Shadows of the rocks were stretched over the green grass that lied on top, making the small yellow and purple flowers that much prettier to look at. We had the best view in the world that night and it eventually got to a point where stopping to take a picture wasn’t worth missing even a second of the spectacle before us.


Coastline Sunset

As the sun set we all agreed that the city just couldn’t compare to what natural Ireland could give us. The air was fresher, the breeze was cooling, the crashing waves relaxed us and the ground was soft beneath our feet. We were all truly thankful to be experiencing it together, and it brought us all closer as friends as well. Ireland has so much undiscovered beauty in it, and I hope this small island is someday better known across the world for the views it has, and the memories created here.


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