BelFast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

By Trevor Klaus

Not going to lie here, of the cities I’ve visited thus far, Belfast is pretty near the bottom when it comes to the amount of things to do. That said, the city still has its bright spots. One of these happens to be the city’s city hall.

This here city hall is relatively new when compared to other government buildings I have seen so far on this trip, having been built only a little more than 100 years ago. However, the hall still houses a museum that shares lots of information regarding the history of Northern Ireland. One of these artifacts housed at city hall is a silver chest looking thing, which I am certainly sure holds a significant role in Northern Irish history. The museum also housed a picture of the mustached man on the right, who definitely looks like he wanted his picture taken. Since his picture is in the museum, I presume he has some significance.

However, the museum at city hall is not the only place where history in Belfast is stored, as the history of the city thrives within its neighborhoods. Years of violence between the city’s Protestant and Catholic populations plays a significant role in the culture of neighborhoods from both Christian denominations across the city. One of these places where history still stands are the walls dividing Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods, and one of these walls witnessed history today, as I proudly announced the long-awaited sequel to Despacito on it.


Back to the violence, I also determined that if I were ever to live in Belfast, I would need an Audi R8 like the one pictured to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift it the hell out of there if tensions rose once more.


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