Bus-trip on Northern Ireland, Part 3

I am not a fan of Game of Throne, although almost all people surround me are watching this TV series, including my Dad. My father is a fevered fan of this series and he sometimes even watch the latest episode in his office. But still, I love the fantastic theme music and cool shot feeling of this series. The first time I get touched with this series is the 14th season of the south park; they spoof the game of throne as Game of Next Generation Game Console war, which is funny. In fact, we meet a lot of scene from Game of throne during this trip.


The first stop of our trip os trim castle, the place they shoot the scene of Braveheart from Mel Gibson, my favorite film in my life. I watched this film when I was in middle school and then decide to step into the media area. The story of William Wallace happens in Scotland, but most of the clips shotted in North Ireland. We just walked around the castle but didn’t it, which is a pity for me.

It was surprising that we find a film set at the top of the hill when we visited a broken castle on the sea cliff. We guessed that’s the set of latest game of throne, but someone also said that’s a new another film. Whatever, most of us tried to believe that’s game of throne since there are lots of fans in our group. The castle itself is not very shocked, but when you combine the broken castle with the beautiful sea band, that will be an excellent painting.


That’s all my thinking about the three days’ bus trip. Oh, I forget one important thing before ending, everyone: Boom, boom, boom!




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