I woke up to Sheep

hostel view
Hostel view in Ballintoy, Ireland- By: Tiara Terry

An experience I will never forget on this trip was staying in a hostel for the first time. I had no clue what to expect. When I searched “hostel” online, I saw a room with a bunch of bunkbeds and thought it was a room you just rented out. I was partly right.

When Troy told us that we would have no signal and that we would be in this small town, I thought the worst possible. I thought we would be in this tiny, uncleanly home on a farm with a bunch of strangers. I couldn’t be any more wrong.

Sheep- By: Tiara Terry

My care for phone signal completely went out of the window when we pulled up to the house and I saw the view we had. It was the most beautiful view you could ever imagine. As you we drove into the town, there were sheep everywhere! I’ve never seen so many; they were adorable.

This Sheep Island View Independent Holiday Hostel was set up very nicely. It was a mix between a dormatory and a hotel. There was a front desk, a waiting/living room and a huge kitchen. The rooms were set up like dorms. There were two bunk beds and a bathroom.

The few things that I did not enjoy about the hostel was the fact that the rooms were so cramped and we could not access the WiFi from our rooms. I also disliked the fact that we had to pay for towels. One thing that really disappointed me was the breakfast. The only options were toast and cereal. Not only that, items such as the milk, butter and jam had previously been opened prior to our arrival which is very unsafe and unsanitary. Every set of new guest should have freshly opened food at their disposal. I opted to not eat breakfast the next morning.

With a few downsides, luckily we only spent half a day at this hostel. Overall, it was a cool experience. I now know how a hostel operates and what it looks like. I also now know that a hostel does not necessarily mean you will be sharing a room with a stranger. It’s an experience I will definitely never forget.

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