Irish Traditions, Told through Rocks

By Ryan Gilbert


A single word that I could use to describe Ireland is unique. The people here live in a way that is different from the rest of the world, and the island’s history is unlike any other. So it’s fitting that one of the most unique landscapes in the world is here as well. Giants causeway is a rock formation made from the eruption and fast cooling of lava, followed by glacier movement on Irelands coast, leading to the bizarre hexagonal rocks that are here today. But the locals will tell you another story completely. A story of Giant babies and cookies made of steel that explains their own version of how the Causeway came to be. No matter what story you believe, it doesn’t change the fact that this small portion of the Irish Coast is one of the most beautiful, and downright strange sights you’ll ever see.


Irish traditions are still very prevalent in the culture today. Even in the modern moving city of Dublin, Irish men and women will join together in the pub to sing the songs that have been passed down for years. Stories like that of Giant’s causeway are known just as well as math or science, in some cases even better than math or science. But if Ireland abandoned these traditions it just wouldn’t be as lively, cheerful, or unique. These songs and stories can be found all over the world, wherever the people of this island gather these traditions remind them of their homeland, and bring them together in almost mythical ways.



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