by Malaika Allen

Today started out as a very information filled and normal day. We went on the Black Cab Tour to learn about the troubles of Northern Ireland. An interesting fact I learned was that they were having a lot of their issues at the same time that America was going through the Civil Rights movement. This was followed by lunch and a self guided tour of City Hall.

It wasn’t until later on in the day that things became a little more interesting. My friend and I attended a very elegant seafood restaurant and decided to get dessert afterwards. Our first choice was a frozen yogurt place. It looked very promising, but when we tasted it we found where all the sugar from the Coke’s went.

So, we decided to go with old reliable , also known as McDonald’s. We knew things were about to go downhill when we couldn’t get into the door (eventually we found the right one *slaps head*). We went inside and ordered a cookie crumble McFlurry.

There were two intoxicated ladies (one brunette and one red-head) inside already. The staff were trying to get them out quickly, because one of them was playing in another customers hair and the other one was trying to open a locked door. Moments later another intoxicated gentleman came in and started screaming “service”! It did not take long for this situation to escalate. The man said something about ginger and both the ladies went off. They ran into this mans face yelling and all he said was “get out my face”. The brunette proceeded to put her bag down and pushed this man. Trying to stay out of the drama we left, but decided this might be funny to see. So, we went back inside for “napkins”.

Soon after the workers got the two ladies their food and the brunette unlocked the door (mind you there was an automatic door five feet away). So, we left again since the drama had seemed to be over. Before we got passed the McDonald’s there was a police car going about 60-mph in our direction. I thought this couldn’t be for them they were going way to fast to stop, boy was I wrong. I had never seen anyone stop so fast or precise. As soon as the ladies saw them they dropped their food and drinks and they failed to run back inside.

I did not expect to see this kind of foolishness at 9 o’clock on a Wednesday night. The McDonalds workers looked over it, as if they see this kind of thing all the time.

All in all it was a McMess.

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