Walking In A Giant’s Footsteps

On Monday, June 11th it was the second day of our group’s bus tour throughout Northern Ireland. We all knew what was on the itinerary for the day, it was what we were most excited for. We were going to visit The Giant’s Causeway, one of the coolest places in the world. Interestingly enough, I actually had no idea what the Giant’s Causeway was or what to expect. So you can imagine my surprise when we got there and heard we were going to see this. gc edits-4.jpgRight away I had so many questions about how the rock ended up creating a formation like this and if it was a natural occurrence or not. I was interested to learn that they still were not sure how it occurred other than the fact that it had something to do with lava drying very quickly. I was even more interested to hear the story about the giant from Scotland who came over on the path that the Giant from Ireland built. I always love to hear the local folklore that was created to explain phenomena, I find it fascinating. Regardless I was very quick to get started with my hike down to the Causeway. We took the scenic route which allowed us to walk along the top of the cliffs to get a different perspective. We were able to witness some beautiful views from up there. gc edits-1.jpgOn our way down all I felt was building excitement. I knew I was going to witness like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I was right. I usually take a lot of photos when I see something cool but when I got down there I just stood and took it all in for a couple minutes. Then I proceeded to take some photos in which I attempt, but don’t completely succeed, to capture the true beauty of the location.gc edits-2gc edits-3.jpg All I can say about the Causeway is that I am definitely going back and I would highly recommend that you visit if you have the chance.

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