Why the Titanic is inferior to a Disney Cruise Liner


I do not take any pleasure in writing this article. This is something that must be done for the sake of preserving history. After visiting the Belfast City Hall it came to my attention that the Titanic was not that big of a feat at all. In fact it is incomparable to any modern day ship, especially those owned by the Walt Disney Corporation.

The Titanic had a very impressive gym. One that included a punching bag, some stationary bikes and an electric horse which looks like it has zero physical benefit. On the Disney Cruise Line you will find a state of the art fitness center, with personal trainers available, and specialized classes such as yoga. On top of that there is Goofy’s Sports Deck. On this part of the ship you will find a basketball courts, a spot for ping pong, even a 9-hole mini golf course for god’s sake! I don’t know you, but the Disney Cruise Line is certainly the better of the two.

The Titanic did have a very nice pool. With the deepest part of the pool being seven foot deep. It also included marble steps for guests to descend into the pool. Disney Cruise Line blows the Titanic’s pool out of the water. Not only does Disney allow women to swim their pool, but they also have a pool that is dedicated to the great Donald Duck. Then on top of the pools where children can cause mayhem in the water just like Huey, Dewey and Louie, there is a waterslide. You read that correctly, a water slide. The water coaster comes down four levels on this exhilarating ride.

I think this article speaks for itself. There is no way the Titanic is that impressive when it can’t compare to Disney Cruises in anyway. To add another nail to the coffin, tell me where on the Titanic they served Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Four of these were made, I assume because there are four hooves. 
A better view than what the Mall of America offers
A picture that is guaranteed to piss off your girlfriend who is in the USA

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