Cinemas in Belfast and how they are in poor condition

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Odeon movie theatre in Victoria Square. When I arrived I was not met with an overwhelming smell of movie popcorn. I should have turned around at left at that point, but I had nothing else to do that night. When I made my way up to the cashier to purchase my ticket I was taken back by their lack of professionalism. Not a single one of their staff members had on the traditional uniform of the movie theater. Instead of wearing the classic red vest with the little black hat, I’m pretty sure they just had blue button ups and chinos. And they audacity to call themselves a movie theater.

The disappointment transcended into theater number six, the 9:00 showing of Deadpool 2. We first arrived to an empty theater, the ideal for any movie showing. Except after 10 minutes so closer to 8:55 people started to come in. Next they played regular advertisements for twenty minutes. That is right, twenty whole minutes. Most of them were not even that interesting or innovative. The only ones I can recall are the few with a bunch of young people drinking beer on the side of a lake. Then there was this strange one trying to sell Smart Cars as being cool and sporty. After that haul we got to the trailers. They were at least interesting to watch. Except that is when I noticed the movie theater had one of the worst audio systems.

The trailer for Sicario 2 features this awesome music that is supposed to rock a movie theater with massive amounts of bass. Except the people at Odeon had the bass in the negatives when it really should have been in the positives.

The last disappointing thing was they left the lights on during the trailers and first part of the movie. One of the people in the theater had to run out and tell somebody because they were not paying attention. Try telling me that is a professional business.

Odeon Theatres: 4.2/10

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