I Was BLOWN Away By The Titanic Museum

Today was our groups third day in the city of Belfast, Ireland. There was not much planned for the day other than a visit to the Titanic Museum. The plan was for us all to walk and meet at the museum at 10 AM. Seemed simple enough at first. Little did we know that it was going to be a windy day in the city, and when I say windy I mean WINDY! On our way there the wind was pushing us all over the place and at sometimes, it was so bad that it was literally blowing water out of the river. Despite this, we made it to the museum with no issue. Within a few minutes of our meeting, we set off on our tour. It was a self-guided audio tour so it really allowed for me to be consumed by the stories of the Titanic and its passengers.  The museum had some really interesting exhibits among my favorites were the recreation of the rooms, the ride, and the CGI tour of the ship. The room recreations did a really great job of showing just how ornate the ship was and it was interesting to see that even 3rd class passengers were given nice accommodations. 2018-06-14 10:50:02.301I also found the ride really interesting and insightful. It was really cool how it used the movement of the ride and the voices of the characters to help you understand what the working conditions were like for them.2018-06-14 10:35:31.1842018-06-14 10:37:56.015 The Last exhibit that I found really interesting was the CGI video tour that played on three screens. The way this video played, first off, just really captured the viewer’s attention and was truly immersive. The content was also amazing, the CGI seemed almost flawless and it really helped give me perspective on how grand and complicated the ship was. 2018-06-14 10:51:21.591Overall, this experience was really eye-opening and I would most definitely consider it worthwhile.

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