Peaceful day in Belfast

We finished the three days’ bus trip and arrived in Belfast 3 days ago. It is the biggest city in Northern Ireland and famous for independent movement last century. Because of that. Belfast was one of the most unsafe cities in the world, like Detroit before. The good thing is the safety there got better since the 21st century. Thanks for that, we just saw a peaceful city when we entered.

After leaving the suitcase in a hotel, I walked along the river and searched for this young city. Belfast only has hundred years’ history; it is not a long history comparing to other City like Dublin and Derry in Ireland. So the historic architecture like Church and bell tower seems not very antiquity and old. I found the famous Fish of Knowledge near the river band, don’t expect it too much, that is just a fish statue without anything special.
If you walk to East along the river, you will find the new city block. I find there are many technology companies near the river bank, like Intel and many internet companies. The people worked inside the building were all young and lively, just like the design of building there. The weather here is not bad, but be careful of the heavy wind. The wind is so strong that sometimes can even blow you down if you do not stand stable.
I had planned to try the seafood of Ireland since I came here. The sad thing is I must resist my appetite because I got cold. Finally, in Belfast, I tasted one of the freshest oysters in the world at Mourne Seafood Bar. The price is 9 pounds for a dozen which is reasonable, and the taste is definitely worth the price. Add some lemon juice and tasted it, you can feel the goddess of northern sea dancing on the top of your tongue. They are fresh and sweet, which is more delicious than oyster I tried in Japan before.

We do enjoy the peace in Belfast nowadays, but we should also know the dark and bloody story happened there before, I will introduce you the story tomorrow.

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