The 6 Types Of Sleepers On A Bus

We all know those people, maybe you’re one of them. If I’m tired enough I can be too. I am talking about people who sleep on busses. For three days our study abroad group chartered a private bus tour of Northern Ireland. This bus tour was through the company Shamrockers. After noticing that riding on this bus for extended periods of time tended to tire many of the passengers and that many fell asleep in interesting positions, I decided that it would be both funny and interesting to photograph the different positions I noticed people sleeping in. After collecting quite a few images of members of my group sleeping, I was able to analyze them and deduce that there were 6 common positions that people tended to sleep in. The first and most common was the “Upright Side-Sleeper”. 2018-06-10 12:34:42.659.JPGThese were the sleepers who would sit upright but turn to put the side of their face on the headrest.2018-06-12 12:38:41.962 At first, I thought they were leaning their backs against the window but this was not the case. The side of their body on the backrest was what was holding them up.2018-06-10 12:44:52.151 This position can vary slightly. Here we have an example of a quarter-turned Upright Side-Sleeper.2018-06-10 16:51:31.883.JPG The next position I noticed was the “Perfect Posture” sleeper. These are the individuals who manage to fall asleep in a position not all that different from their regular seated posture. 2018-06-10 16:14:17.633I find sleeping in this position, quite difficult, uncommon, and most impressive. 2018-06-10 16:51:07.517.JPGThe next position could be considered a variant of the previous. I like to call it the “Upright Headcock”. It consists of keeping your body in a seated posture but allowing your head to lower to a position where your neck is cocked to the side. I also find this position quite uncomfortable.2018-06-10 16:15:37.839 Next up, we have the “Neck Roll/Head Drop”. This is the one where you are starting to doze off but then your head drops, you wake slightly only to reset and let the cycle continue.2018-06-10 17:17:02.322 This next one, while very comfortable, is usually uncommon due to lack of space on the bus. I like to call it the “Full Send”. This is the position where you lay down and spread out across a couple seats. When this is the position someone takes you know they only have one goal, to pass out. 2018-06-10 16:51:27.964.JPGFinally, we have our last position, “The Light Sleeper”. This one needs no explanation. 2018-06-10 16:52:01.536What type of sleeper are you?

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