The Titanic Lives On


By: Emily Lovasz

IMG_9993During our third day in Belfast, our group visited the Titanic Museum. The modern building sits on the bank of the Victoria Channel. Behind the museum is where the Titanic was actually built and launched from back in the early 1900’s.

The tour takes you through each stage in the building of the Titanic, its send off and the short voyage. First, it takes you through how the ship was built, what materials were used, where they built it, how long it took and how many men worked on it. There was even a ride where you climbed in a cart and it took you through the building of the ship.

After, there was an area in the museum about communication. On the ship they used a wireless telegram called a marconigram. This is a lot different than what we use today! It is weird to think if this tragedy happened today, if it would have been different because of the way we communicate.

Posters were also plastered on some of the walls advertising the building of the Titanic and tickets that you could buy to go on it. This is also different than today because now cruise ships and other companies would advertise those sorts of things online or on tv. You don’t really see print posters around advertising things unless you walk by a storefront.

IMG_0011Once the tour takes you through the building of the ship, you go to the part of the museum with the launch. I really liked that throughout the museum there are interactive maps, tables, audio guides and other screens. You felt more part of the experience than if it was just print and pictures. From this part of the museum, you are able to look out the window and see where the Titanic was launched from. While the docks are not there anymore, there is a memorial commemorating those that were lost.

At the very end of the museum, they have an exhibit about the sinking of the ship. People’s stories and pictures are on the walls and there are moving images on screens that show how the ship sunk.


From the beginning to the end of this museum you felt like you were living in that time and experiencing this huge ship being built and heading out to sea for the first time and then the unforgettable tragedy that took place after it hit the iceberg.


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