Titanic Tour

Titanic Tour- By Courtney Kellogg

Today marks our second day in Belfast. Sadly we woke up to rain and super high winds that kept blowing us over as we made our way over to Titanic Belfast.

View of Titanic Belfast (Courtney Kellogg)

At the start of the tour we were each given self-guided devices that we could use during the tour. These devices gave more information about each room. The upstairs room gave an explanation about the different types of jobs that people had back in the day. There were people who made linen and steel for example. The first floor then started to explain the drawing and planning process that was used to make the Titanic . We were then taken up an elevator to the next floor. This floor included a type of “ride” that would take you through the various jobs that people had in making the Titanic. We felt like we were at a carnival because the ride was just so much fun!

Cars that led you onto the ride (Courtney Kellogg)

The ride brought us over to an area that explained the launch day of the ship. The windows in the room overlooked the area where it exactly took off!

Exact time of launch (Courtney Kellogg)

Other rooms in the building included explanations of how the ship sank. Testimonies of survivors were being played throughout the room. It was incredibly sad to hear about what they saw and what they went through.

Image of the Titanic sinking (Courtney Kellogg)

It was interesting to learn so much about this famous “unsinkable” ship that once was!

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