I had no idea how much trouble Ireland went through. This morning we went on a cab tour around Ireland and learned about what they know as “The Troubles“. In comparison to the United States, the battle for civil rights were the same. The United States issue was color: black vs white, while Ireland’s issue was discrimination against religion: Protestant and Catholics. It was so hard hearing how Protestant were rewarded for killing innocent people and children and still looked at as hero’s in their town. We drove passed the wall that divided the two separate towns and at the point, I realized how serious the issue was and how even today, the wall is still needed after all these years. We drove over to the Peace Wall, where we could sign and leave messages of encouragement. One day, I hope there is peace everywhere and that all forms of discrimination, inequality ends. However, I do still think we have a long way to go. IMG_6416.JPG

Here is a picture of one of the bond fires that are lit on 11th-12th of July. This image of crates is actually very small in compared to how large they are stacked. The towns go in competition for who can have the largest fire, the view from the top looked amazing.

After lunch we headed to Ireland’s City Council hall where we toured through the exhibits of history and facts. The town hall was very large and the architecture  was quite nice.



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