A trip to Titanic museum

Titanic is one of my favorite films from director James Cameron, who also famous for directing Terminator 2 and Avatar. I think no one doesn’t know the story of this film, so I probably skip the introducing of this film. So when I was told there is a museum about Titanic and this ship was born in Belfast, I was pretty excited about visiting there.


However, this museum is not as impressive as I thought. I hope they can keep some old trail or part from the old ship company, but it doesn’t provide that kind of stuff. They only show us the old photos which I can easily find them using google. I also looked forward that they can collect some historical relics from the debris of ship in this museum that I only saw some boring duplicate suitcase. The unique thing they have is a cart-ride-trip there. So you can learn how they build this colossus,that’s the most exciting part during the museum trip, but still, the ride itself is meaningless. The good thing is they do show us the environment of first-class room and third-class room. We can feel a huge difference, but also the memory of this old ship.


I don’t exactly know what the designer of museum wants to show us. Since they put all attention on showing visitors the details and story of Titanic but they don’t have any real items from the ship except the photos. It is a right place if you want to learn the story of Titanic but considering the price is 18 pounds, and I recommend you to save your money to get a Bluray of Titanic to review the unforgettable love of Jake and Rose.

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