Oppression and resistance

Today we went to Titanic museum where is located in Belfast. In the museum I saw the introduction of how did Titanic design, built and why did it sink into ocean. In the 2 hours tour,  I have witnessed the entire process of the Titanic from its initial idea to its sinking. What attracted me most, was not how perfect and gorgeous it was, or how pity it was because of sinking. But it was about the workers. I’ve spent so much times in exhibition hall where was telling visitors how bad the life was for those workers. Usually people had to wake up around 5 pm and wait at the entrance of shipyard. With fortunate, some of them might get a job and rest of them had to find another way for live. But even for those workers, their working conditions was horrible and dangerous. Not only they had to work for more than 12 hours per day, but they also could get only minimum wages. If you back to the beginning of 20 century and come back here, you might see three generations are working together in order to raise family.


On the other hand, when I walked into exhibition hall of showing passenger’s daily life on Titanic, especially in the instruction of first class, I was shocked about how luxurious their life was. Private room, personal house keeper, and not mention the customized menu they offered for advocates. Such contrast made me think about how did the social unfairness happened in a hundred years ago. I guess, that might be the one of reasons that Communist movements happened around the world in 20 century, since the working class could not suffer such unfair treatment anymore.

First Class Private bedroom

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