Titanic Museum Adventures

This morning, the group took a trip to the Titanic Museum!

The walk was 30 minutes away from our hotel and started off with windy, but not rainy, weather. Of course, as soon as we’re five feet out of the hotel it starts to POUR! SO after walking in 30 mph winds and rains, we made it.

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The museum had beautiful architecture that almost matched the titanic bow. It shined in the light through the storm and was well decorated on the outside. Once inside, we met up with Troy who lead us to where we picked up our audio tour.

Next, we headed up the stairs towards the first exhibits. The tour guided us through history. It started with jobs that the Titanic offered the city. Next, we learned about the building plans and ideas behind the Titanic. After this was the communication that was needed to build the shop and for the talk between the members was discussed. We got to go on a Disney style ride to learn about the lives of the ship builders, which was definitely a highlight. After this was where the ship was eventually launched from (the museum’s location). We got to see a live tour of what the inside of the ship looked like, and a view inside each class. This was all exciting and happy…until it sunk.

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The next room was eerie, dark blue with dark lighting. The Morris code used to communicate with the surrounding ships was playing out loud throughout the display, and there were the last messages the ship sent on the walls. The end of the museum highlighted survivors and showed a video of the ships ruins.

The experience was awesome as I have loved the Titanic for a long time. More pictures coming in better wifi!

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