The Unsinkable

by Malaika Allen

Belfast is a city with many wonders, but this one might take the cake (for me at least). It is where the Titanic was built and of course it is where the Titanic Museum is located. We got the chance to tour this museum during one of our days here in Belfast and it a few floors of some interesting finds.

The tour started off informing us about the foundation Belfast built in the early 1900s, which led it to become a place for the manufacturing of huge ships. One of the most important, was the creation of the Thompson Graving Dock. This doc allowed crew to mostly repair, but also build, huge ships on dryland.


Throughout the tour we saw how many of the decisions came to be. We even went on a small ride which took us through the long and hard jobs the labor workers did. There was a lot that went into the creation of the Titanic, but it was not alone. In fact, while the Titanic was being created, so were the Olympic and Britannic. Due to the crash and the unnecessary loss of tons of lives Titanic is the well known out of the three.

The museum had more about what went into creating the Titanic, but did have some interesting details about the crash and the events that followed. They had the last cries for help made by the Titanic, it took about an hour for the ship to sink. Many people died, because they were not filling life boats to capacity and were only allowing the wealthy to board. Some of the bodies of those who died were never recovered.

There was a section towards the end which allowed you to see the wreck years later by viewing a film of a deep sea expedition. Visitors were also able to hear some of the testimonies of survivors, as they described what happened that night.

Fun Fact: The 1997 version of the film Titanic cost about $220 million to create, which is 22 times the cost spent to create the actual Titanic.

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