Travel in Ireland with my Sony Collection

When I prepared the suitcase before travel, the first thing I packaged is always my camera. In fact, the camera has become my forth important thing during the trip(wallet, phone, passport, and camera). I did take a lot of photos during these years, and some of them are not bad. And the camera I used most of the time is Sony RX100 VI, a digital compact premium Camera. This camera is so tiny that I can even put it in my pocket like a mobile phone. It may not provide the same quality photo as some professional full frame camera like Canon 5D and Sony a7. But it is surprising that such a tiny camera can offer me 2040 megapixels texture and 4K video record. The best thing I loved about the camera is I can take the picture and catch the flash moment at any time and anywhere. I also owned a Sony a6300, a professional mirrorless camera. To be honest, I bought the a6300 to be my primary camera and rx100 is assist camera. But in the end, I found I took most of my photos on rx100, and the a6300 only used when I need long focus or recording 4K videos.

You may not believe 2 years ago I still thought iPhone is the best device to shot the photos. I did buy a d3300 when I entered college, but quickly I found the camera is not convenient when you travel. So during the 2-month study abroad in Japan. I only use my iPhone 6 to take all the phots. And I laughed at my friend, Jack, who carried his heavy cannon Mark V and the full pack of the lens all the day.

Tiezhen is the crazy fan of Electronic Products. He will get the latest version of the product like camera or game console in first time. We always said his room is Electronic Product museum in East Lansing. He was my roommate when I studied in Japan. One day I heard about there was a Japanese traditional festival celebration in the evening. Because I know iPhone is not good at shooting in dark environment, so I asked him to lend a camera to me. The camera he gave me is rx100 III. At first, I thought he was so precious that he even spent his money in the useless place because in my idea the compact camera has been replaced by the smartphone. But when I used it to take a photo of lanterns I was shocked by the pure color and clean details of the images. I can’ even believe a compact digit camera can do so good in the dark environment. Form that time, and I give up the idea about only take the photos by smartphone and become a fan of Sony.

We spent 3 days on the bus trip of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and that’s the most remarkable part of this study abroad program so far. I caught tons of surprises of tons of photos every day. We went trim castle at the first day morning, this is the place they shoot the scene of Braveheart, an epic film by director Mel Gibson. I am so sad we don’t even have a chance to enter this castle since I am a passional fan of this film. After staying in Derry for one night, we head north to Northern Ireland. The first stop is Giant’s Causeway. The Giant’s Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic fissure eruption. It is famous all over the world which also means crowded with the visitor. In my opinion, the visitors are always the destroyer of good photography since they will break your composition of a picture easier. Because of that, I didn’t take any photos there even the sightseeing itself was pretty fantastic. On the way to Bushmills, we found a film set at the top of the hill. Someones said that’s game of Throne and someone said that’ s just a new movie. I would rather believe that was the film set of game of Throne. 

I look forward to a place I can take photo and video without any distribution. Finally, I found that place. In the second day of Trip, we stopped at a small village called Ballintoy. This village only has one pub and one small hotel, and the internet service doesn’t work as well. But I was still shocked by the vast farmland and deep blue sea there. The weather was shiny that day, and it seems everything was lively and peaceful in the sunshine. After the dinner, our group went to the harbor together. The scene there is unforgetabale to everyone. I can’t believe this kind of view is in the real world. It is more kind like the CG in game.  There were many massive rocks at the bank, to see the sea sight more clear we decided to get to the highest rocks among them. The climbing is not very easy because of the wet and cliffy stones. Then it was a chance for RX100 to show its ability. During the climb, I can take my camera out off my pocket and take the photos of beautiful waves and sunset by one hand. Since about that, I made many excellent pictures in some unbelievable angel. After arriving at the peak of the cliff. Everyone was shocked by the beauty of nature, someone even said she is too happy to die(Guess who said that). I just listed buying a house in Penarth in my bucket list several days ago and sorry for Penarth now I should move the place to Ballintoy.  Everyone else was talking and laughing, but I just sit at the rock and enjoy the sunset. It is so awesome that I even take a 4k video of it, using the Sony A6300.  It was glad that I first time use this camera for longer than 30 minutes and it did keep a remarkable scene for me.

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I know RX100 is only a compact camera,  some professional photographers with more expensive full frame camera may despise the photo quality of rx100. I thought for a long time about should I switch my main camera from rx100 to  a6300 since a professional mirrorless camera provides much better graphics. Then I find the truth during this trip; it doesn’t matter your camera is expensive or not. The camera you would like to carry everywhere, and you always enjoy taking photos with this, that’s the best camera for you. That’s why I am satisfied with my tiny RX100, thanks for him these years, I save lots of memory and moment during the trip, and I hope he can work longer with me in the future,

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