I am the king of the world!

I visited Edinburgh with my family last year. So when I entered this city again, I found the atmosphere of this historic city doesn’t change a little bit. This city has already passed through 700 years, one year’s time just kind like one second in one’s whole life. The agricultures are still old and full of grace, you can also find many artists performing on the street. But this time, I want to do something different with last time. When I open the window of my apartment, I find a giant mountain: Arthur’s Seat at the front of my view. So we decide the plan quickly. Let’s do a hike to peak together.

The weather that day was not perfect for climbing mountain. It was raining and windy. The worse thing is the road was muddy and wet. Seriously, I had faced much more terrible situation before, like climbing the Hua mountain in the snow. So this weather can’t stop my way. But still, I find a little bit tired since I hadn’t climbed a plateau for several years. To save the time, I choose the short and steep routine and the whole climbing time was about one hour.


When you get to the peak, you would feel all the great efforts is worth when you see the whole view of Edinburgh and ocean. The weather is cold, but it can’t cover my excitement of seeing such a magnificent scene. I stand on the highest rock of the mountain and look forward to the ocean. No wonder they called this mountain Arthur’s seat, you can feel you are the king of the world when you watch all the earth below your feet.


I climbed many mountains before, but Arthur seat can still list in my top 10 list of the mountain. The goal of climbing is not reaching the top; it is watching the view below your feet.


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