Missing opportunities

Today in Edinburgh, we were glad to invite Mr. Brian Baglow as our guest speaker for today. In the lecture, Mr. Baglow introduced the history of video game in both software side and hardware side with his Scottish humor. He covered basically the entire history of Video game’s development from video games’ graphic evolution, to the competitions between gaming counsel companies.

That made me recall my old meritorious about when I was playing Video game at the first time. The first video game I played is Commend and concur: Red Alert 2. It is a Real-time Strategy game which was developed by Westwood. I was so addicted in that game when I was 4 years old. With only several clicks, I could just raise an army and crash my enemy with different ways. I played so many games after that, like Call of Duty, League of Legend, etc. But until today I still believe that Red Alert 2 is the most classic video game. Every I replay it, or even just watch the video about it on YouTube, the old meritorious of my childhood just appears.

Red Alert 2

However, due to the extremely Game machine sales ban and Game sales ban from China’s government, most of the games I played before were pirate video games which I downloaded from internet. I started buy the video games actually after I began my collage life in United States. It was not that I want to save money to play pirate video games, but I was not even able to pirate video games purchase video games in China.


When Mr. Baglow talked about how did those companies compete each other and how fascinating the video game development was, I felt sorry and helpless about the emptiness of video game in China. Due to the lack of rating system, high sensitive of politic opinion appears in video game, and people’s misunderstanding of playing video games. (They call video game as Electronic Heroin) Chinese video players have more pressure and harder approaches to play them. To be honest, we missed the importunity.

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