Moving Through my Ancestry One Country at a Time

Last day in Belfast, first day in Edinburgh — By: Bridget Bartos

Long time no blog!

Friday was our last full (and free) day in Belfast, so we decided that Queens University would be our ideal adventure. The walk was about 40 minutes, and I only got lost about three times, but when I made it all my troubles were worth it.

Our first stop of the College was the Botanical Gardens. They were beautiful, and included a luscious rose garden. The aroma was intense and sweet, and I even discovered my new favorite flower, a Ghita Rose from Denmark. I felt like a fairy roaming through pink and yellow and red flowers.

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After the Rose Garden, we ventured to a greenhouse next door. Inside there was a whole rainforest of plants and even a beautiful waterfall.

Next we decided to head to the Ulster Museum right next to the Greenhouse and Roses. This was an interesting experience after learning about the Troubles. I enjoyed getting a more museum-esque take on something that was so real around me. The museum was also full of animals, plants, and my favorite art. I officially know what paintings are going into my future home! This museum also hosts the Game of Thrones Tapestry. I just started watching GOT before I left, so I had to avert my eyes from a decent amount of the beautiful weaving. However, it was still pretty cool.

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Our last stop of the day was the second botanical garden area, which was amazing. The design was open and slightly old-fashioned, as the walls were lined with succulents.

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The next morning, we took off to Edinburgh at 8 am. Once we landed, we were greeted with pouring rain and a long walk to our apartment. We did , however, get to spend a lot of time shopping and hanging around the city. It reminds me a ton of Dublin, just a little more spread out and colder!

We relaxed for the remainder of the day and then hit the town later that night for some night life fun.

Yesterday we headed to the National Museum of Scotland. The museum was so beautiful and interactive all in one. I think I could have spent hours studying the history of fashion, animals, electricity, and cultures. The aesthetic there was stunning as well.

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We also headed to Edinburgh Castle, where Harry Potter was based on and Mary Queen of Scots lived. Although touristy, the history there was impeccable.  The lines were all worth the views and wait!

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We finished the day climbing alllll the way up to King Arthur’s Seat, and I actually made it!

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