Our First Days in Edinburgh

Our First Days in Edinburgh- By Courtney Kellogg

After a restful time in Belfast, we’ve made it to Edinburgh! The capital of Scotland has been lively and full of walking since we don’t have a tube pass. However, it has been a nice change of scenery after our time in Belfast.

Our first stop in Edinburgh was the National Museum of Scotland. This museum is known as one of the top museums in the world! Inside we found items like fossils, old bikes, statues, airplanes and more. My favorite part was the expansion of the telephone shown over time.

National Museum of Scotland (Courtney Kellogg)

We then made sure to stop at Edinburgh Castle. The castle apparently was used as inspiration for The Hogwarts Castle in the famous series, “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling. We were able to see the castle’s great hall, prisoner rooms, and war museums. The castle grounds were packed from visitors.

Front of Castle (Courtney Kellogg)

We ended our packed day with a long hike up Arthur’s Seat. This hill was what was left of an extinct volcano. The path to the top of the hill was long, steep, and treacherous but was well worth the view. I would suggest going on a sunny day, instead of a rainy day like we did! After taking in the view around us, we headed down and walked back to our apartments.

Arthur’s Seat (Courtney Kellogg)

This Monday morning we had a lecture with Brian Baglow who talked about the evolution of video games. He discussed the process that different companies have gone through to get to where we are today with video games.

We then went to Greyfriar’s Kirkyard to look at more inspiration that J.K. Rowling found for characters in her books. Tom Riddle, Alaster Moody, and Professor McGonagall are just a couple of characters that have possibly came from this graveyard.

Tom Riddle Gravestone (Courtney Kellogg)

Our afternoon took place at Kinloch Anderson. Here, we learned about how they make kilts and about the Royal Family members that have worn their merchandise. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a tour of the BBC in Glasgow!

Kinloch Anderson (Courtney Kellogg)

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