Prince Charles’s Kilt Obsession


No other man has such dedication to the kilt then the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. It seems that more than half of the photos you see of him in the news are him wearing Scotland’s gift to the world. There are hundreds of photographs showcasing him wearing the royal tartans. He wears them to royal events, Scotland’s highland games, walking through the streets and also while hiking. All I want to know is why he loves wearing them so much, and I have a few theories.

The first is that he tries to expand his own personal kingdom. Currently he is only the Prince of Wales, but by winning over the Scottish people he might earn more respect in the UK. Although I am not sure Prince Phillip would give him any respect, he is at least trying to win over the hearts of the citizens of Scotland.

Secondly, he needs the Scottish people to back him up. There have been many discussions as whether or not Charles will ever be crowned King. Divorcing Princess Diana could eventually bite him in the ass because he could lose the chance to be King. And with the popularity of Prince Williams, Charles will need as many Scottish people as he can help make him the King. So it is not a bad idea to suck up to the Scots by wearing their traditional garments.

Lastly, and the most likely theory, he just likes them. Why does everything need to be seen as political moves? Is it possible the man just enjoys the luxuries of a kilt. The ventilation to the groin , the satchel in the front to hold wallet and keys, and the ability to rock a knife from a sock, what is not to like? No matter the reason I will still enjoy photos of Charles wearing kilts until he is not crowned King.

There is no magic as to how he is just sitting on a metal frame
I had to stretch, don’t want pull a hamstring

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