Racing Star Discovered In Museum

By Trevor Klaus

A motorsports man talking about motorsports! Who would have thunk it? Anyways Scotland has a fairly rich history of producing some very good drivers throughout the world of motorsport. Whether it be there most notable exports, ex-Formula 1 World Champions Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart, former IndyCar Champion Dario Franchitti, or current racers such as former Formula One Driver and former Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Champion Paul di Resta, the relatively small country is capable of producing top quality talent, and frankly loves their motorsports.

This is good to see for me in this country, as racing has been a passion of mine since boyhood. The local tracks and roads in the country seem like a great place to develop a future racing driver (hopefully a son of mine one day), due to the tight and rigid nature of each of these. However, it appears Scotland has found somebody else to fill the void in the racing driver market before this can occur.

Well while in the National Museum of Scotland a few days ago, I believe I discovered the country’s next great racing export whilst watching people in a F1 simulator. This man in the cockpit simply tore up the track like he was Tupac, driving at a truly blistering pace. While he certainly showed promise here, time will only tell where this mans racing career takes him.

Moving away from racing, the museum offered many more sights to see throughout its whistling walls. Much of the museum was filled with ancient animals that had either been hunted out of existence, or are currently close to becoming extinct. It is important for the museum to shed some light not only on these animals, but all animals in general in order to raise a better awareness on how to better prevent animals from going extinct.

My time at the museum ended with a breathtaking view of Edinburgh on the museum’s sky deck. Stunning!



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