by Malaika Allen

On our first day here in Edinburgh we had a couple mini adventures of our own. The first was a trek to find food, which of course took a little while. We quickly learned that the portions we were used to having in other places were nothing like what we would experience here. So, I think we deiced to do more grocery store shopping as a whole (and we finally have a fridge again … Yay!)

As we wondered down the strip we came across the Museum of Childhood. What is this you might ask? We wondered the exact same thing, so we took a look inside. There were quite a few wonders inside of the four story building. It was filled with different things that represented the children over the past few generations. In a way it was similar to the Brand Museum’s museum in London. Actually it was a little better, because the only thing it contained were toys and childhood stories.

So, for a little while we got to feel like kids again. There was a room that showed the different outdoor games we used to play as kids and there even stood a tipi, which it seemed like most of us had as children. There were replica clothing that children wore throughout the years and even a place where children could play dress up in similar garments. There were toy trains, board games, marionettes, puppets, story books, and all other types of childhood wonder. There was one room I did my best to avoid, which was the doll room. I don’t know about you, but those things really creep me out (of course we had to go through it to leave but I made it without an Annabel experience … I hope).

It was interesting and somewhat thrilling to see a lot of the games and toys I used to play with as a kid. I had forgotten about a lot of these so this museum brought back a lot of happy memories. I would say if you are even in Edinburgh it would be a good idea to check it out.

What do you think?

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