I have watched the 1997 Titanic film more than 100 times. It has become one of my favorite love stories. The film depicted class separation, pure love and tragedy. Over the course of the years, I have done my own research on the film, exploring the real tragedy and trying to find and explore the real people on thee ship. On Thursday, my research turned magical  as I got a tour around the Titanic Museum. I was looking forward to this day the entire week. I knew that I would be able to piece together any questions I had, be able to touch real artifacts and learn real history.


When I first got to the Museum I did not know what to expect. I was hoping for pure facts and real stories of the victims and that’s what I got and more. When I first entered the museum I learned of all the history of Belfast. There, I learned of the struggles, pain endured and the nature of the streets back then. I was introduced to the people who started White Star Line and the men who started the Titanic; J. Bruce Ismay and J.P. Morgan. The museum was huge and offered history, activity, pictures, videos and more. IMG_6501.JPG What I was most excited to see were the stories of the victims and separating myth and legends from truth. The museum brought out emotion as we hear real audio recordings from victims, along the walls were transcribes from calls from the Titanic to their sister ships. The museum even showed videos of the sunken ship under water with real artifacts such as shoes, glassware tubs, toilets and more under water rooting after all these years.


I got lost in the museum, I was the last student left, still reading and learning all about my favorite love story which in reality was a horrible tragedy for most.

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