A BBC trip

I rarely watch Tv since I went college, to save the cable fee, my apartment even don’t have TV signal(I got a TV only for play video game). However, I still watch the TV shows on BBC since they made many exciting programs. Top gear is one of my favorite TV shows. I admit I have interest in the car(No one can say he hate a powerful sports car). But Top Gear does not only talk about the car, but they also fuse the car culture with different regional culture and even talked about the relationship between the vehicle and the human society. The shooting skill and background music are even better than some Hollywood film. And with some British Humor, That’s why I love this show so much. Visiting the BBC is a significant reason that I joined this program. So I am so excited about today’s trip.


After taking one and half hour train to Glasgow. We saw a giant ‘glass Cube,’ and that’s the BBC Scotland building. To my surprise, the exterior and interior of this building are all very simple, but also room efficient. The fitment style of BBC building looks cheap at first since half of the interior filled with water pipe and concrete. But you will find they put some good ideas in the designing. Like there is no office and door in the whole building except the studio room which needs quiet. All people are working and discussing together without any block. You might think the center part is all empty, but they are the public working area. The stuff of BBC works or even has met in this area. That makes the whole working environment lively and relaxing. The large room is fantastic and full of technology. I am so excited that I can get this professional stuff so close.


The BBC Scotland building is not very a graceful building, for both inside and outside. But I can feel the imagination and creativity are active in this building. I hope one day I can also work in this kind of environment.


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