BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland -Anastasia Niforos

Today we had the incredible opportunity to tour the BBC in Glasgow, Scotland and we didn’t get any normal tour. We were able to see what departments were on which floor as well as see the different studios. The entire structure of the BBC was awesome and I loved the open work environment that they provided.

The entire building is massive and includes five floors. In the middle of the BBC is an open space with tables and chairs where people can work and conversate. This leads up so on each level there are stairs that take you to the next one. On the ceiling, there are large windows that let in natural light. I loved the open work environment. It really allowed the employees to get up and move around whenever they pleased. I also saw a lot of the groups of employees working on stories and projects.


After walking throughout the floors and seeing the departments we then went to some studios. The first one we went to was Studio C and this is where the news was presented. It was awesome. I was able to sit at the table where broadcasters have sat and see where the weather was presented. The next room we went to was the control room for the cameras and audio. This room had a ton of small televisions as well as control panels with a ton of buttons. It looked immensely complicated, but I was amazed at how much went into running a broadcast. The last room we visited was Studio A and this is where large shows and broadcasts are filmed. Live audiences also get to attend these. The room was huge. There were cameras hanging all over the ceiling.

The BBC blew me away and I am so happy I was able to get this experience.


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