Edinburgh and Glasgow: The final days

By: Bridget Bartos

Yesterday and today were full of adventure!

We began the day by Brian Baglow, a video game fanatic and CEO of Jukebox Labs. He spoke with us about the history of video games from the 50’s to now. The history was short but vast, and a lot of it involved our childhood favorite (the wii, xbox, nintendo, etc).

Some of the historical items Brian spoke of

Next we were off to the cemetery that inspired the names J.K. Rowling used in Harry Potter, Greyfriars Kirkyard. Fun fact, this is also one of the most haunted cemetary in Scotland! The detail of the headstones was beautiful, but the air was eerie and spooky. A lot of the graves are old and worn, and some are even locked up in cells.

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After the graveyard, we headed to the HMY Brittania, aka the ROYAL family YACHT. The boat was gorgeous, and I was fan girling knowing I got to stand where the Queen and Diana did. I enjoyed seeing inside their family life and all their pictures.

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After this we headed about a mile to Kinloch Anderson, where we met on of the company owners. She was sweet and knowledgable, and taught us all about the tartan’s history as well as the kilt making process. I would be honored to own a quality kilt like this one day! Kinloch Anderson is also the licensed tartan distributer to the royal families.

Today we went to BBC Glasgow. This was AMAZING and a dream come true for a decent amount of the group. We took the 8:21 am train to get there and then took a cab about 20 minutes, but all the travelling was well worth it. As soon as we entered we were greeted with kindness. After a speech about the role of BBC and how it works (they have an interesting business model, as they are public broadcasting versus a privately owned corporation) we got a private tour of the facilities. The building is ive floors, each holding its own function. These include news, radio, and social media rooms. I was thrilled the whole time we were there, and even got to hear about some internship opportunities.

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