Infamous BBC

I ended my trip in Edinburgh visiting the British Broadcasting Company better known as BBC. I was excited for this but, super tired getting there. We had a train that left at 8:20 a.m. which means I had to be up very early. It took a little over a hour to get there and I could not get comfortable on the bus to get a quick nap in. BBC Headquarters are located in Glasgow! Upon arrival we were greeted with name badges (that made up feel like employees), croissants with vanilla filling (I need to find them to take them home), coffee and orange juice. Our host gave us a nice overview on the history of the BBC, how news works in the United Kingdom, recent competitors and how to keep a job in a field that is decreasing due to social media. After a lecture, we walked around on a guided tour.

The tour allowed us special access into the studios, audio rooms and a walk through the entire building.

The BBC was an amazing experience and I was thankful for the networking opportunity, knowledge and experience. I was able to be “informed, educated and entertained,” a mission of the BBC.

After, we went and got lunch from 279. A place found by my classmate Dasheng, with great ratings and food. The food was cheap but, tasted like high priced, quality meals.

The food was more than exceptional and our waiter who was working alone handled a group of 16 people effortlessly and with grace.

To top off our trip to Glasgow, we were encouraged to take a trip to the Riverside Transport Museum. There, we got a chance to see and explore automobiles, shops, mobile homes, bikes and more all from past decades. Of course with my love of museums, I enjoyed my time and the quality old school cars.

Our day was long but nonetheless, worth it.

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