Move you feet, lose your seat!

Why yes, another hike. On Sunday evening, after a long day of visiting the Edinburgh’s Castle and The National Museum of Scotland, a group of us rounded up and decided we wanted to end the day with a nice hike up. We decided to hike up Arthur’s Seat, the main peak of Edinburgh, Scotland. We hiked 823 ft. up to the peak. Before we started the hike, the weather was cold and rainy so we decided to layer up, let’s just say by time we reached the top everyone had stripped down to one layer. The hike beat us up! We slipped, fell down, wanted to give up and almost lose all the air we had in our lungs. The climb to the top was no joke and the steps were actually just rocks that were unsteady and slippery. We decided as a group to take the more difficult way up seeing that it led to a better view. IMG_6784.jpg

IMG_6772.JPGThe view from the top was something unreal. The ocean looked like a lower level of the clouds and I could see a stretch of the whole city. We sat at the top for about thirty minutes, relaxing after the hike that took a hour long. We talked, laughed, took pictures and I even braided Asia’s hair. We had Courtney to thank for the motivation, without her I am not sure that we all would have made it to the top. Dasheng and Jacob was able to capture all of our moments. I was happy to be creating memories with friends. Living in the moment and that was so special for me. IMG_6782.jpg

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