The gang climbs a big hill

Edinburgh, Scotland. A bustling heart of Scottish culture, pride, and heritage. Cobblestone streets stretch across the city leading pedestrians from shop to shop and back home again. During our short time in Edinburgh, we were able to take in quite a bit of what the city has to offer, including a visit to Kinloch Anderson (a world-famous kilt and Scottish fashion maker) and a climb to Arthur’s seat.

Kinloch Anderson is a highly important company with a long-standing history of producing some of the finest tartan-based wear. Amongst other famous patrons, they serve to dress the royal family as well. The company is just recently celebrating their 150 year anniversary and has released a new “sundial” tartan to commemorate that milestone.

At the top of the hill in the center of Edinburgh lies Arthur’s seat. Though I was slightly disappointed that there was no actual seat at the top the view of the city was breath-taking. For the second time on this trip, I have been so astounded by a view that it has quite literally taken my breath away. From the top, you can see every side from the hills to the sea, and off in the distance, you can even see the word “Edinburgh” written on the side of one of the hills in what appears to be a clever deforestation of the hill-side.

The city of Edinburgh, much like Cardiff, is a perfect balance between the big-bustling-city feel at a more manageable size. In Edinburgh you will get a much homier feel, whereas in London you might have ads plastered in every nook and cranny, here you will see a city relatively untouched to preserve the beauty of its old architecture.


The gang climbs a big hill // By: Jacob McDowell

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