Why are the Lucky Charms so expensive?


I have been to Tesco often enough that I have started to pick up on some trends. The British go only on small trips, they don’t seem to do the monthly trips that us Americans usually do. They have smaller proportions of stuff, you are not going to find five pounds of ground beef in one package in the UK. Soad is not that big here. Unlike in the United States where we have three dozen options of soda to select from. The only thing that I have actually cared about is the Lucky Charms. They are a staple of my childhood and my adult life. With all of the magical charm marshmallows and those alphabet looking cheerios they are one of my favorites.

The only problem is the very, very steep price for a box. At a whopping five and half pounds, and I wish I was referencing the weight. And as any curious person would I decided to investigate.

From what I could tell there are a few issues with the cereal itself. Many have complained about the genetically modified corn used in the cereal. Although this has been fine in the United States the UK’s food administration looks at the issue differently. That might have to do with the high price inflation.

A theory that I had was that maybe they are putting a premium on foods that are unhealthy. Then it came to my realization that I was able to buy a small chocolate fudge cake for two and half quid.

The most likely of the answers is the use of the food dye. There is a large issue with the food being labeled as part of a nutritious meal, and at the same time uses food dyes that don’t have the best track records.

Whatever the reason is, there is only one solution. They need to reduce the price for Americans who have grown accustomed to this magical cereal.

That is a big middle finger to the American consumer.
Scottish wool wallet I would like to buy, but won’t dish out the forty pounds.

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