Production Street


by Malaika Allen

Today was a very long day, but it was definitely worth the two hour train ride from Edinburgh to Glasgow. We went on a tour of BBC Scotland.


I learned a lot during this tour and even got some ideas for the near future. One thing I learned was that the BBC is completely different from other stations, because they don’t receive government or advertising funding. Their funding comes from the people the serve, in the form of a yearly tax. This tax is for anyone who has a television and it allows them to maintain all their functions throughout the year. I also learned that they are one of the few places who do investigative journalism in the area, because it is very expensive. Money tends to put a halt to a lot things when funds aren’t certain.

A huge upside to not having to worry about funding is that they can only report the facts. They don’t have to worry about an advertiser threatening to pull its adds or the governments agenda. This kind of news outlet is hard to come by in todays society and one of their biggest competitors as you can guess is social media.

The tour of this building was astonishing, because every part of the design has a purpose. I thought that this would be a pretty cool place to work one day, because no one has an office. This makes the environment more collaborative and can help get creative juices flowing a lot quicker than sitting alone in an office for hours. Also, they have year long apprenticeships for all aspect of media, which make it a prime location for students to come and learn all they can learn from them. This was a pretty interesting visit and it has made me think more about what I plan on doing after graduation next year.


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