Wonderful Scottish memories

Personally, I think we spent too less days in Scotland. Now I am sitting on the train to London, but I still feel that it was just yesterday’s happening when we flew to Edinburgh from Belfast. In that day, we waked up at 4:30 am to catch the flight. It was too early to us to catch a cheap flight. Not to mention that the plane we took was a propeller airplane. That was an interesting experience since I never take such plane before.


However, once we get off the plane and arrived in downtown of Edinburgh by Tram, everything I saw made me feel that all the suffrage I took for waking up early was worth it. Unlike London which is a city has combination between classic and modern. Edinburgh is a city built with so many castles on the hill. Everything on street were so classic and full of mystery. And with the cloud weather, the entire city made me feel I stepped into a magic world. No wonder J.K Rowling could write Harry Potter in such amazing place.

However, comparing the regret of we should spend more days in Edinburgh, I feel more exciting about back to London after 20 days. I prefer to live in a big city personally. I’ve been to so many international cities such as New York and Tokyo before and all of those cities left me unique memories. After 3 weeks life in towns and countryside, it is time to back to London and enjoy this capital of world once again.

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