On my trip to Germany I have been introduced to many different things. I have tried some of the country’s beer, trying to have conversations with the locals, and even eating German Chinese food. The most interesting thing I have done thus far though is consume a German delicacy, raw meat.

This morning me and the host family I am staying with went out to a traditional German breakfast. This consists of a lot of bread, cheeses, tomatoes, salami and other deli meats, and some sort of balsamic vinegar. For meal I just had bread, but I was being very European by complimenting it with some Nutella. I also had a lovely hot chocolate and white hot chocolate, both going down the same. Then as a side I had some scrambled eggs with bacon, same kind as the Canadian bacon. My friend Matteo had something a little more exotic.

Matteo ordered exactly what I had but he ordered an additional spread for his buns. He got a ice cream scoop worth of raw ground beef. When it arrived I was horrified. How in the hell are you going to eat meat that is uncooked and potentially make you ill? This did not stop this German, he slathered it on his bun and took a gigantic bite of this disgusting spread. He then motioned to me. My entire stay I have been pretty much willing to do anything to experience what is like living in Deutschland. This includes drinking their local brews, going to the coast where water is gone for six hours a day, even attending their prom. But raw meat, yuck!

In the end though I decided to eat a bite of the rough-hewn toast. In all honesty it was not that bad. I thought the taste was really good, but I can not say I would give it a 10/10. The problem is that in the back of mind while eating the meat was how it came straight from the farm to my piece of bread.

Me and my host family out to dinner before prom.
I have never been to a prom where Jägermeister was on tap.

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