Why Edinburgh so attravtive

Before I decided to join the study abroad program, my family was confused by my decision. I had already visited the UK last year and why I still plan to attend the same place twice in such a short period. I have talked my first reason is BBC in my blog before. And the second reason is Edinburg, a city that you will never get bored of it. If the bus trip on Northern Ireland is an unexpectable surprise for me, then the Edinburg is a ‘surprise in my expectation’. Why this City can attract tourists, artists, and media workers from all over the world, and why she can be praised as ‘the city of art(and art is also a kind of media)’? After visiting and observing this city for 3 days, I get my answer.


My friend asked if there any sightseeing worth to visit in Edinburg before she visited Scotland. I can’t give her an answer because the whole city is a giant sight. You can find the beautiful view everywhere. Even in a small corner, you may see a beautiful scene combined with the church, street, and sea on background. As an amateur photographer, Edinburgh is a true heaven for me. I can find many unexpectable and surprising camera angles every day. It is all because the old city is built on a hill. To connect different levels of this city, there are many hidden steps there. You never know what’ s  the place the steps will lead to, and in the other hand, you can watch the downhill city from the ending of steps, which provides me tons of possibility to design my composition of a picture. You will feel the deep taste of history from this 700 years old city. I am surprised even Edinburgh has the modern street design, you will never feel unbalanced between modern and historical element. The old church, signal light, sports car, old brick road….. all of these pieces of stuff fuse together as one whole city. You can enjoy the culture of this 700 years old city with convenient transportation and facilities. That’s why Edinburgh can attract millions of visitors every year. In fact, there are many historic cities in China, but their tourist industry is terrible because of the out-dated facilities and lousy service. 


When you walking down the street, you can find many artists play their instruments. Some of them are young people with the beautiful dress or old people in simple clothes, but most of them dressed clean and tidy. I believed some of them do not perform for money on the street. They may just want to show their art and ability. There was one time I stop and stand in front of a violinist for half an hour. Because I also learn violin for few years before so I knew she is a professional once I heard the rhyme. She looked glad I love her violin so much and smile at me many times. I talked with her after the performance. She told me she is a student at Edinburgh University she played the violin for 2 hours at the same place every weekend. She said she plays for money at first, but later she finds it is delightful playing her violin there, watching all kinds of people passed by and loves her violin. Actually, one of my friend in U.K. said the money you can earn from playing on the street may not a small amount if your performance can attract many people. But I believe most of them do not represent only for money.  That’s also one crucial reason why Edinburgh is called the city of art. Not just because she has tons of beautiful and historic agriculture, but also she provides one of the best platforms for the artist from all over the world to show their talent. Some of them may get the chance of showing their art in large hall or theater and receive praise and applaud to the echo. Others may just stand on the street and perform for visitors from all over the world. No matter poor and rich, high talent or low talent, all of them get an equal platform to study and show their own art. That’s why there are so many famous artists, dramas and films are born in this city.



You will find many interesting facts if you travel between the old area and new area (Actually, this NEW CITY still has 200 years old history, it designed and built in 1788 to reduce the population pressure of old Edinburgh). The first difference is the price of food. It is hard to find a place which price is lower than 20 pounds for dinner in old block (except you just want burger and fries.) I walked around for 1 hour and still can’t find a reasonable price. However, if you try the new city area, you can find tons of cheap and expensive food. Last year I picked a seafood resultant called Mussel Inn Seafood.   They cooked a pound of mussel with wine and milk and serve the food to the table with the whole pot. The price is only ten pounds, and I get only half pounds of the same things in the old city. Compared to old block, the new Edinburgh have more modern elements like different brands from all over the world (I got a cool Super Dry jacket there) and modern style drama poster. Scotland is famous for Kilt. We visit a company called Kinloch Anderson, which is renowned for designing and making high-quality Scottish kilt. They have provided the clothes for the royal family for many years. I know nothing about kilt before, but I can feel the smooth texture once I touch it. The tartan may look simple at first, but once you see the details of it, you will change your idea. Each tartan has the same size, and the arrange of color also has its own meaning. The most important thing is all kilt form Kinloch Anderson are handmade. No wonder they can get good graces from England royal family.  Edinburgh is a city which has both traditional reputable brand and modern International brands. She is antiquity but also opened mind. This is a city containing both classical and modern elements. 


The deep and long stand history, the lively and creative artists, and the concomitant of modern and traditional culture, these 3 elements make the Edinburgh so attractive and fascinating to people from all over the world. This is a city that worth everyone visit at least once in their life. Especially for these people who have interest in art, media, and history. I have been to many famous cities before, I may never visit some of them for a second time (like Chicago), but will visit Edinburgh as many time as I can. As a media and information student, I can learn tons of new stuff about art and culture, and these are the foundation of media study. She teaches me how to increase the brand influence and build a perfect platform for all kinds of media. Maybe in the future, if I have a chance to make my own film, I will shoot the scene in this City. 


Hope I can achieve my dream one day.



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